Donuts+boxing=happy camper

March 26, 2015



In order to umm…keep up with the Kardashians every single thing we want to inhale around town, there needs to be a mini compromise. For example, when overdosing on a bowl of beefy pho, counteracting this with a badass boxing class seems pretty reasonable.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 picks of the month for a serious workout. Then comes the bar of dark chocolate and the rest is history.


Photo by Braden Istas

CityRow will make you uncover those muscles that have been lurking deep down beneath the surface since…forever. It’s more than just an epic arms workout, it’s a full body fat-blaster that makes you strong and lean. My abs KILLED for almost a week after…what more could you ask for?!

For boxing, it’s a tie between Overthrow NYC and Gotham Boxing. Try both.


Photo by Overthrow NYC

Overthrow NYC is an awesome underground boxing spot that recently opened on Bleecker and Bowery. A big screen showcasing loud music videos pump you up (throwback Missy Elliot style). Oh, and Fridays its boxing and booze. We all deserve it.

 Gotham Gym has awesome classes that will disable you from walking for about 2 days. You jump up and down in the rink, squat, burpee, and die a little to burn off that babka.


Photo via Flywheel

Spinning is obviously not a novelty. Some prefer Soul Cycle, others head the Flywheel route. Both are excellent workouts where you sweat like a beast and let the tension go.

Okay, work with me here. Everyone knows what Zumba is because that’s so 5 years ago. But I’m talking Ratchet Zooba at Banana Skirt Productions. Think dark room with a disco light and Lil John. Yeeeeaaah. This work out will kick your ass and you will have the best time doing it. If Hannah Bronfman’s doing it…

So…happy workout and bon appétit. All things in moderation people!

BY-Alexis Bendjouia

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