Ten Buck Bites

10 BUCK BITES- NYC- Lower East Side

February 16, 2015

Here’s another round of 10 buck bites. I extra love this post because it’s a special one from my hood. All of these dishes are in a 5 block radius from one another…you could make a food crawl with this post. What a fun Saturday that would be.

Just putting this out there…if you do make this into a food crawl…head to Attaboy for some of the best cocktails in the city or Top hopsa beer shop and tasting bar for craft and imported beers.1208200_292487497615429_1596399739_n

1-First up- Egg Shop–  Egg shop has been such a popular brunch spot since the day it opened.  I mean…eggs…eggshop…breakfast food…bacon…bacon…bacon….always a hit. Here is a pic of the Eggshop B.E.C.– Broke yolk, Shelburne cheddar, blackforest bacon, tomato jam and fresh pickled jalapeno. This loaded breakfast sandwich is SO TASTY and only $10.


2-Japanese soba is awesome. Everyone always talks about ramen (which I am also IN LOVE with) but soba is up there too. Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. Which is extremely good for you and has tons of health benefits. Even though it is treated the same way as a grain, buckwheat is a seed. It’s gluten free and high in fiber. This dip dish from Cocoron is so delicious and actually really fun to eat.

You get the noodles cold on the side of the broth. The broth is so concentrated it is like a sauce. You take a little bit of the noodles at a time and dip it into the boiling broth, let it heat up and get coated in the soup and then eat it right from there. You do this with little batches of the noodles until they are all gone. A waiter then comes by with a pot of boiled soba water (the water that the soba noodle were cooked in) and you pour it into the thick and intensely flavorful broth. You then drink it all up. The pork Kimchi dip is my favorite and it’s $9.00.

photo (14)

3-Goa taco– What an original concept! Just got back from eating there right before I wrote this post. I’m so happy in my belly.

Instead of using corn tortillas they use Indian paratha…which is a flaky flat bread. In the front I have the Slow Roasted Pork Belly taco with pickled red cabbage & chipotle may- $8.00…which was MY FAVORITE! In the back which was also incredible…House-made chicken chorizo with a brussel sprout slaw & fontina cheese for $8.00. One is enough to get you perfectly full and two will get you STUFFED.

The bread is so crispy/flaky and served warm. The combos are on point and super original. Go now, cuz they only have that space until the end of the month…but I am sure though that they will have a permanent spot open soon.

photo (12)

photo (9)

 -Eden Grinshpan & Renny Grinshpan


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