Last day of Chanukah latkes…;)

December 23, 2014


I love latkes…definitely top 10 favorite Jewish  holiday dishes…crispy, crunchy potato pancakes topped with sweet applesauce or tangy sour cream…it’s just comfort food at it’s best.

One of my favorite things about latkes is how versatile and fun they are to play around with. I literally treat them like a piece of toasted bread (crostini) and top them with the works. They are a perfect platform.

Every year I switch up my latkes and this is what’s going down this year. Spiced latkes with labaneh, honey, pine nuts and fresh mint…it’s seriously a great combo.

Labaneh is my complete and total obsession…I put it on almost everything! I make my own (which I will be posting the recipe/method shortly) but if you can’t find any and have no time to make it, than just use a full fat Greek yogurt.

You will love this recipe…I promise!! Happy Chanukah everyone! xo

imageSpiced latkes with labaneh, honey, pine nuts and fresh mint

4 russet potatoes, grated

1 yellow onion, grated

½ tsp cumin

½ tsp curry powder

2 eggs

2 tsp all purpose flour

salt and pepper to taste

cheese cloth

1 cup sunflower or safflower oil

1 cup labaneh or Greek yogurt

½ cup toasted pine nuts

fresh mint


finishing salt


Grate the potato and place in a bowl lined with cheesecloth. Squeeze as hard as you can removing as much liquid as you can from the potatoes. Place the grated potatoes in a bowl. Pour the water out from the bowl in the sink, but keep the white thick paste that is left at the bottom. Place that paste in with the grated potato. Grate the onion and place in a cheesecloth and squeeze the liquid out as hard as you can. Place the grated onion into the bowl with the potato. Add in the cumin, curry powder, eggs, flour and season WELL with salt and black pepper. Stir until combined.

In a shallow wide pan heat up about ¼ cup of safflower or sunflower oil. Place a tablespoon of potato mixture into the pan, spreading it out and making it as even as possible. I make 3-4 at a time…do not overcrowd the pan! You want the latkes to get crispy and have a nice deep golden color. Let fry on one side for 2-3 minutes and than flip over. When the other side has that deep golden color place on a plate lined with paper towel. Fry the latkes until you are all finished.

To keep them warm when you are cooking or until you serve you can place in a 200 d F oven.

To assemble place the latkes on a pretty serving plate or a tray. Place a nice dollop

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