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The Simple Pickle- Red Pepper, Jalapeño and garlic

September 24, 2015

IMG_2485   LOTS of people get intimidated by the pickle – but it couldn’t be easier!

Pickling is the method that preserves vegetables and fruits at their prime. The brine they sit in is made from vinegar, salt and water and can usually contain sugar as well. I mix mine up and always try out new flavoring along with the classics.

IMG_1521I met up with Spoon University and had probably one of the funniest/funny experiences making pickles with their on air talent Brooke Hamroff. We decided to prepare and pair “fancy” pickle back shots. We used her grandmother’s recipe which basically consisted of salt and garlic (we poured everything into a mason jar and shook it…sure…I guess this is one way of doing it). Thanks for the tips and your recipe grandma Hana!

Here is the more traditional recipe for those of you who are going to pickle and get fancy with your pickleback shots.IMG_2486

Red Pepper, Jalapeño and Garlic

3 red bell peppers- quartered for finely sliced- your call

1 Jalapeno-finely sliced

4 cloves of garlic-lightly crushed-skin on

1 tsp black pepper corn

2 cups water

2 cups distilled white vinegar- or I also love using apple cider vinegar

-2 tablespoons kosher salt

optional-2 tablespoons sugar- I used it here but you don’t have to.

Wash the jar you are going to pickle in very hot water and let dry completely. Place your red pepper, jalapeño, garlic and black pepper corns into the jar. I try and squeeze as much as I can in there, really pack everything in.

Place the water, vinegar and salt (add in sugar here is you want) in a sauce pan. Heat up and stir until the salt is dissolved. Pour over the vegetables all the way to the top. Let cool completely, seal and place in dark place or fridge to ferment for 3-4 days. The longer is sits the better the flavors.

This method works for most pickling- cucumbers with dill and garlic, pineapple and ginger etc.

You just need the same mix of water,vinegar and salt…the rest is up to you.


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