TULUM. Just do it!

June 19, 2015

DSC07979Here’s the deal. I say we all move to Tulum, open a beach resort, grow our own food, live in a bungalow, practice yoga and drink margaritas all day! What do you say?!photo 2-2Tulum is a city on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. I went on a weekend trip there with Ido about a month ago – and could NOT be more in love with the place. In Tulum, it’s all about relaxation, beautiful beaches, rich culture and food. It takes 5 1/2 hours to get there for east coasters. Not the easiest getaway, but doable – and dare I say, perfect? – for long weekends.DSC07994We stayed at this adorable beach hotel called Hemingwaywhere we got our own private bungalow overlooking the ocean. There was no AC and only one fan beside our bed – but it was all good. We slept with the windows open every night, letting the beach breeze sweep over us. It was 1-3Every morning the hotel served up a complimentary breakfast – either fruit or eggs with endless coffee refills and this VIEW. It was everything.

Tulum is one of the most popular vacation destinations right now for Americans. Beyond its relaxing beaches, it has many attractions, including its proximity to Mayan Ruins and cenotes, its yoga retreats and its incredible restaurants and cocktail bars.

Most of the restaurants and bars are on one main street, which you can navigate easily on foot, or by bike or cab. Our first night there, we ate at one of the local seafood joints, El Camello Jr. I highly recommend the ceviche and whole fried 1-2The point of this trip was simple: eat, sleep and relax. So the only tourist spot we got to was the Mayan ruins (which were incredible), though there is LOTS more to do.DSC08105One of the most popular restaurants in Tulum is Hartwood. You will hear many people talking about it, since there have been tons of great reviews about the chef who moved there from NYC. He cooks everything on a wood burning fire. um. YUM is RIGHT. The food did not disappoint. But I gotta say, leaving our beachside bed to wait in line to put our name down for a reservation was not fun. So I suggest: make a thing of it. Grab some tacos and beers before you line up from across the street at Taqueria La Eufemia. photo 4-2The atmosphere at the Hartwood immediately envelopes you when you walk in. Like most restaurants in Tulum, the vibe is effortlessly chic, modern yet rustic. We were taken away by it, promptly downing a couple cocktails.

DSC08050The menu is local and seasonal. Our favorites that night were the papaya empanadas, the octopus and the whole roasted plantain with honey and chamomile.

And that was that. Heaven, I say. DSC08089

The next night we made our way to Posada Margarita, another well-known restaurant in the neighborhood. An Italian place with super fresh pastas, Posada also serves up delicious homemade burrata and incredible fish entrees cooked in sea water. Sit as close as you can to the beach and enjoy that sea breeze in your hair. We loved it here and even walked home on the beach after. Easily our favorite night of the trip.

DSC08045I hope you get to venture out to Tulum soon! It is truly stunning and pictures don’t do it justice. Just – take my word for it. And cheers!
photo 4

By-Eden and Renny Grinshpan


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