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Finding out more about The New Potato

June 2, 2015

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These are my girls!!!!! So talented, so fun, so creative and most importantly…so excited about food.

What happens when a killer sister duo hooks the world up with some serious insider scoop on all things lifestyle, food, fashion, and more? You get The New Potato—basically just a work of art by Danielle and Laura Kosann. Since shooting with them for their blog a year ago I have not only become a huge fan of their work, but I have become good friends with these two adorable and funny sisters.

From extensive interviews with everyone from hot chefs to (even hotter) Victoria’s Secret models, this blog has provided some crucial intel to fuel our everyday web perusing needs. AKA necessities like where to go for dinner and what kind of red wines we should be chugging.

Now it’s time to flip these interview sessions around and get these ladies in the spotlight. From drunken binge cravings to gummy bear guilty pleasures, here are the essentials.

1- Now that you know the ins and outs of everyone’s top eats and foodie destinations, what tops your list?

We always have our same favorite spots! We’ve always loved Barbuto, and this time of year we can’t get enough of Charlie Bird, Buvette, Minetta Tavern, Prime Meats, Café Cluny, Jack’s Wife Freda (the new one on Carmine Street is amazing) East Pole, ABC Kitchen and Estela.

2- What are the best places to hit for a girls night out on the town?

We’re more the ‘6-hour dinner types’ when it comes to girls night out. We’d probably do burgers and martinis at Minetta Tavern and then head to Café Wha for some great music. Or maybe do a great Moscow Mule at Employees Only, then a long dinner at Hudson Clearwater. Soho House, Bathtub Gin, Apotheke and Rochelle’s are all fun spots to camp out as well.

3- What’s your daily routine like?

We wake up with a great cup of coffee and read everything we can early morning to get a grasp on what’s trending that day. We post to the website and throughout the day, we run around to shoots, meetings and interviews. Then we end the day with a simple homemade dinner and a great glass of red wine, or a martini and dinner out with friends.

4- What’s your classic no-fail recipe for home entertaining?

Salmon with homemade pesto!

5- Beauty secrets that are too good not to share?

Embryolisse is the best moisturizer of all time. Everyone should own it. And Vaseline or Lucas Papaw on your cheek bones and eyelids will give you a nice glow.

6- Staple ingredients you cant live without?

Lemon, salt, olive oil, coconut oil and sriracha. (Oh, my!)

7- Best drunk food to attack at 3 a.m.?

It sounds weird but, Karlie’s Perfect Ten Kookies! They’re an amazing sugar fix — but you don’t feel that guilty the next morning.

8-Bar hangouts that you never get sick of?

La Esquina, Employees Only, Rochelle’s, Clover Club, Bemelman’s Bar and Temple Bar.

9- Top splurge-worthy NYC meals?

Gotham Bar and Grill is a classic and always worth the splurge. It’s so delicious and the service is amazing.

10- Who has been your favorite person to work with?!

That’s very hard. We don’t like picking favorites as we’ve been so blessed to work with so many amazing people. But amazing women like Laura Brown, Eva Chen, Bobbi Brown, Kerry Diamond and Jane Larkworthy have all been really good to us, and inspiring to know.

11- Of the celebs you’ve met, who is even hotter in person?

Pedro Pascal from Game of Thrones. (Yummy, I say!)

12- Necessary guilty pleasure?

Gummy bears!

13- A chef that you want to kidnap to cook for you forever?

Jonathan Waxman, if he’s up for it!

14- Death row dish?

Pizza and red wine. Or the roast chicken from Barbuto.

15- Top 5 dishes in NYC right now?

The pappardelle at Charlie Bird, smoked salmon and everything at Jeffrey’s Grocery, kale salad at Barbuto, black label burger at Minetta Tavern and crab toast at ABC Kitchen.

by- Alexis Bendjouia & Renny Grinshpan

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