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Paris! #Grinshpangirls style

May 19, 2015

This is my family. Two crazy, loving, passionate sisters and my inspiring, smart, funny parents. We just got back from Paris on a 5 day eating, laughing and exploring adventure. Obviously the food part was up to me and I take that job very seriously. So I turned to ma peeps, Paris By Mouth.

I discovered Paris by Mouth the last time I went to Paris and have since not found a more reliable food blog on the city. The crew of people eating and writing for this blog are some of the most honest critics I’ve come across – and they know really REALLY good food.

A list of my stand out bites-

1- Au Passage – My sisters and I were lucky enough to experience this place the first night we got in, a modern french restaurant that doesn’t seem like much at first glance. But once you sit down and start to notice the succulent-looking plates leaving the kitchen, you can’t help but get SO EXCITED to stuff your face that you over-order in order to get as much into your stomach as possible. The menu is on a chalkboard and changes daily, the prices are not bad and the produce is seasonal and local.

There’s a refined rustic approach to the way the food is cooked and served, which is part of why this is a top choice for me. I just love me some homestyle cooking!


We couldn’t make up our minds on what to get — we were overwhelmed! So we decided to let the waitress order for us. A wondrous decision. First up was terrine of foie gras and pork served with cornicho and fresh bread.


Then we got carrots served 3 ways — braised, roasted and raw — with stracciatella (a stretched curd cheese) and dukkah (an Egyptian spread of toasted nuts and spices). Humana humana!


The sautéed monkfish cheeks came out next with frisee, fava beens, butter and dill. This was a favorite. I mean, the moist light fish basically melted in my mouth.


Then the world stopped for a brief moment. We were bombarded by a whole roasted lamb shoulder. Oh, YES. This crazy dish was served with fresh mint vinaigrette and spicy dijon mustard. And we got barbaric with this guy. It may not have been polite but hands were used and I don’t think my sisters and I spoke two words during that course — which is saying a lot!!


For dessert (because we just couldn’t resist), caramel ganache, strawberries, pistachio and cassis ice. Light and delicious.


2- The next day was all about the famous Aligre market. Everything was local fair and almost every veggie vendor had the seasonal staples: asparagus, artichokes, radishes, herbs. The colors were stunning.

Important note- Don’t forget to veer off to the sides of the market to catch the local cheese shops, coffee shops, fishmongers and bakers selling delectable goods. We bought a bunch of cheese, baguettes, radishes and tomatoes and had a picnic later in the day on the steps of a church in the Marais. Per-FECTION.



The market just so happened to be right beside one of the city’s top rated croissants at the precious little boulangerie, Ble sucre. So. Obviously, we just had to make a pit stop!

photo 2

photo 53- Ble sucre is officially a MUST now for me when I got to Paris. The BEST croissant I have EVER put into my mouth. When you walk into the boulangerie, the smell of butter, freshly baked croissants and baguettes immediately fill your lungs. And that’s the moment you could ascend into heaven. I mean, the butter in the air is palpable. Croissants are baked all day, so mine was warm when I got it. It was light as a cloud but still had a crunchy, crisp exterior. We inhaled a couple, shared a pan au chocolate and obviously didn’t leave without a couple baguettes. Top notch stuff.

photo 1

4- Our last night in Paris, we tried a pretty popular spot called Semilla in the left bank. Almost every person I mentioned it to was a huge fan.

We shared a bunch of deadly-tasty plates but standouts to me were the grilled white asparagus with orange and capers, the cote de boeuf for two served with the creamiest of mashed potatoes and the strawberry tartlet for dessert. A belly rub post-meal was most definitely in order. #yummyinmytummy



photo 3

Make sure you research Paris by Mouth before your next strip. As you can tell…it will not disappoint.

by: Eden & Renny Grinshpan

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  • Reply Alexis May 21, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Looove! And Au Passage is my fave <3 Beauty fam. And croissants.

  • Reply Shalyvie June 16, 2015 at 8:46 am

    hi, this made me giggle quite a lot when i saw it, tkahns! giggling is a good way to start the day 🙂 have a good day there too. lovely blog and lovely work 🙂

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