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18 Things You Didn’t Know About – Duff Goldman

April 24, 2015

photo (19)Duff. Goldman. Oh man, just look at that face! I had the sincere privilege of working with Duff during Season 2 of Donut Showdown. And we had a BLAST.Duff and I are both crude goofballs so we had a hard time keeping a straight face around each other. Filming involved many jokes, games and endless laughs. (The kind of laughs that make your face hurt from smiling so much. The best kind!)

So, it’s understandable that I’ve been missing him loads since filming. “18 things” was the perfect excuse to call my dude, the Ace of Cakes himself, and get some juicy questions answered.

“18 things you didn’t know about” Duff Goldman, real name Jeffrey. Cray!

1- Before cakes, I painted on subway trains, industrial walls and any other suitable public place that wasn’t legal.

2- I obsessively quote movie lines when filming for TV to see how many people pick up on them and tweet at me.images-1

3- In my fantasy Duff universe, I would build a time machine, go back to 1977, kidnap and hide John Paul Jones in a closet for a day and fill in for him on bass at the Zeppelin Madison Square concert.

4- I’m apart of Charm City Cakes, an artist collective, and we all have pretty eccentric tastes in music. But when it’s just me, late at night, I get the Led out. All Zeppelin, all the time and loud as hell.

imgres5- If I had to eat only one food for the rest of my life, it would be soft-boiled eggs with Crystal hot sauce and kosher salt. Or maybe Peking Duck.

6- My food fantasy is to eat all the street meat while riding from Mumbai to Nepal, through Bhutan, Burma, southeast Asia and do a big arc through China all the way to Hong Kong. After treating myself for three days, I’d fly to New Zealand and spend 2 weeks eating pub food while riding around the imgres-1South Island. Then I’d fly to Kauai, eat nothing but poke and fruit for a week, and ONLY THEN would I fly home to Baltimore, host a giant crab feast for all my friends and have a slideshow of my adventure. Sorry, did you want something more specific?

7- My go-to karaoke song is-“Firework” by Katy Perry.

imgres-38- I can throat sing like a Tuvan or Mongolian.

9- My spirit animal is a platypus because I’m also a mishmash of many things. Or honey badger because I’m a badass.images-2

10- I’ve always wanted to snowboard a half-pipe without getting a concussion or dislocated jaw.

11- On YouTube, I love watching BBC Talking Animals, people falling off stuff, “George Washington” by Brad Neely and live footage of classic bands that I will never get to see live.

12- I have like nine backpacks. Too many.

13- Once when I was judging a show and filming pickups with the judges, I had to sprint offstage due to massive and sudden gastrointestinal distress. All caught on film that I am still being blackmailed with.

14- I’m addicted to cartoons and super violent movies, especially kung-fu. And really crappy macho books about navy seals, the Roman military and general blood and guts.

15- Everyday I read a few pages of my old philosophy textbooks so all the dumb blood and guts books don’t make me stupid.images-3

16- My favorite midnight snack is super cold sliced navel oranges or dill pickles dipped in crunchy peanut butter.

17- I can make 12 Big Macs in under a minute. (The first job I ever had was at McDonald’s in Hyannis, MA when I was 14.)imgres-4

18- My ulitmate hangover cure is beer and a sausage mcMuffin, no egg.


By- Eden and Renny Grinshpan

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