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Josh CAPON – The actual Burger King!

March 16, 2015


After five consecutive years of winning the New York Food and Wine Festival Burger Bash, we’re crowning Josh Capon the Real-Deal Burger King. At the helm of hotspots like Burger and Barrel, Lure Fishbar, El Toro Blanco and his newest venture Bowery Meat Company, Josh knows more than a thing or two about beef. (He’ll even bring you some hefty cuts to choose from before you devour them at BMC.)

Josh and I go way back. It’s impossible not to fall in love with him — he is easily one of the most outgoing and friendly chefs in the city. There, I said it: I love you, Josh!

I’ve been dying to pick Josh’s brain and discover the key to his perfect burgers for some time now. Josh was happy to oblige and did so while giving me a complete demonstration. He obviously knows his way to a woman’s heart. Boys! Take note.


866A8951Step 1 – get some great beef, dry aged or not. Josh reserves his dry aged burgers for his menu at Bowery Meat Co., ensuring a rich decadent meat flavor. He uses a blend from Pat LaFrieda, the meat whisperer of NYC. It’s equal parts short-rib, chuck and brisket.

Step 2 – form your patty. Season the beef well and TAKE NOTE: spread dijon on one side. Josh swears by this trick, saying it really makes a difference. Place the burger dijon side up on a hot flat top. This way, you don’t lose the fat from the meat, which Josh says is preferable, since fat holds flavor and creates a perfect crust.


What I love about this burger is that Josh treats it exactly like he would an expensive dry aged steak. He makes sure the meat is room temp before he cooks it, seasons it well and sears it on both sides until it has a beautiful golden crust.

866A9004Step 3 – When the burger is golden on one side, flip it over. Top it with roasted red onion jam (or caramelized onions)—

866A9019Step 4 – Lay over some raclette cheese.

866A9025Step 5 – Finish the burger under the salamander for a minute to melt the cheese. Or put in under broil in the oven.

Step 5 – LET REST!!! 3-4 minutes.

Step 6- Schmear the bun with a roasted tomato and garlic aioli- yum

Step 6 – Then place the burger on the toasted bun-top. Cut in half and serve right away.



You – OF COURSE – serve up some hot, fresh fries with that. That’s when I come in. Boo-YAH! #frygirl


Finally, sit down in Josh’s beautiful new restaurant and chow down. Josh is a master of his art. Every bite was even better than the last. Seriously, still dreaming about this one. Thanks Josh! I’ll be back soon. x

866A9160Real friends feed each other.



Pics by- Matan Hakimi

By- Eden Grinshpan & Alexis Bendjouia

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