Pizza Crawl in Brooklyn!

December 23, 2012

What do you do on a cold winter day in NYC?!?!


What was on the agenda?!

DiFara’s PIzza and L&B Spumoni Gardens


Hands down some of the best pizza I have had in NYC! I started with the square slice fresh, fresh, fresh out of the oven. It was literally steaming until the last bite. I got the corner piece since I am a huge crust lover. The sauce was tangy and sweet. The cheese was stringy and there was a perfect amount to not overpower the rest of the yummy ingredients. The final touch that really threw this pizza over the edge was the fruity olive oil he drizzled on top and the fresh basil that he cut with his handy scissors that got sprinkled on right after. The regular margarita was my absolute favorite at DiFara’s, but I am sure you simply cant go wrong with anything that they serve there. 

P.S. The man who runs and owns this establishment it simply adorable and is a master of his craft. Watching him work with so much care and respect for each pizza simply made the entire experience that much more memorable. 45 years and still going strong!

 DiFara’s square slice

The owner and creator of DiFara’s Pizza: Domenico DeMarco 

Margarita slice

L&B Spumoni Gardens

This spot is THE spot for Sicilian style square pizza. The cheese is under the sauce on this slice, which makes it so original and fun to eat. The pizza is really doughy and fluffy. It is kind of crazy because the pizza looks so huge but it is so fluffy, so you can put 2-3 slices down easily! It’s all about the sauce and the dough here… They do not hold back! I also covered it with fresh parmesan, chili flakes and garlic powder…mmm…yummy!

Yes..that is half a tray. I don’t think I got enough! Totally panicked, so I am freezing all my leftovers for a rainy day.

Slicing it right out of the oven

Check out the oven situation! There are at least a couple of trays in each oven. This place is a well oiled machine! Cranking out trays of Sicilian pie like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂

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