The Yemenite Vineyard (Quarter)

November 1, 2011

This neighborhood is located right beside Shuk ha-Carmel in Tel-aviv. Went for lunch with my parents and ordered the Yemenite beef soup. Soup is a very popular in Yemen cuisine. This restaurant specializes in oxtail, beef and chicken soup, they were out of oxtail so we went for the beef…;) I will be back!

This restaurant is very small and homey. My kind of place. The owners were very welcoming and immediately welcomed me into the kitchen. The equipment looked like it was original from ages ago. Each pot sat on its own mini stove and the smells were so spicy and aromatic. The two brothers who run this place were so friendly and offered me to come to work the following morning at 5am to learn the secrets of their Yemen soup. If only I could get over this jet lag sooner. 🙁

How cool!

After sitting down and ordering, out came the fresh pita and skhug (a hot sauce that originated from Yemen, very popular in the Middle-East. Made from hot green peppers seasoned with coriander, garlic and various spices). The soup came out nice and hot. The beef was so tender it just fell apart from the touch of the spoon. The potato gave it more substance; it added that creamy, starchy texture that just brought the whole dish together.


Yemenite Vineyard is fantastic!! A must see when traveling through Tel-aviv!

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