Mahane Yehuda, Market in Jerusalem

November 7, 2011

Can you tell I love my markets?!?

Mahane Yehuda, a huge outdoor market in Jerusalem. There are over 250 vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, nuts, seeds, baked goods, wines and much more.

You simply can’t go there without stuffing face. The vendors are so friendly and want you to sample all their delicious treats.

It is the time of year to harvest olives. I have never been here for this and I found it fascinating. People in Israel cure their own at cool!

There were many fresh olive stands at the market. Olives can be used green, through to full purple-black ripeness. When someone at the market buys olives, there is a machine that cracks them a little. The olives are edible within 2 weeks to a month, but can be left to cure for up to 3 months. There are many curing methods: salt-curing, brine-curing, fresh water-curing etc. 

Eden loving her bakery stands!

I have to sample every Zaatar pita that I come across. This one was GOOD!

Halva stand: This halva is made of sesame butter, sugar and either glucose or honey. It is dense, sweet, and nutty. The second this stuff touches your tongue it melts and is super creamy. They also flavor and mix in chocolate, pistachios, vanilla, whole toasted sesame seeds etc.

There are clearly a lot to choose from.

Baked goodies!

Jerusalem Bagels. These guys came out nice and hot! mmmmmmmm…….

More baked goodies!

Many cheese stands.

Anyone need some fresh meat!?!

It wasn’t a busy day since it was Sunday (Sunday is a work day over here), but if you head over on a Friday or before the is packed, lively, and loud. 

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