Kebab time!

November 9, 2011

Snuck in a lunch with my whole fam yesterday, just your typical Tuesday lunch of kebab, hummus, salads, lafa etc.

Went to Azor, a subrarb of Tel-aviv. We went to this restaurant called Alberts and ordered the works.

Right when you sit down, the waitress brings out an assortment of salads and starters. There was pickled cabbage, and peppers, pickles, olives, fresh tomato salsa and fried cauliflower.

After finishing  our starters out came the lafa, merguez sausage, garlic pita, Israeli salad, humus, Lamb Kebab and chicken shashlik.

They allowed me in the kitchen where they were making Lafa which is Iraqi pita.


Garlic pita

Merguez sausage: ground lamb and spices stuffed into lamb intestine

Hummus, mixed with tahini, olive oil and paprika.

Israeli salad, also known as chopped salad or Arab salad

Lamb Kebab:

Chicken shashlik: usually marinated overnight in a high-acidity marinade like vinegar with herbs and spices.

I only have a couple more days to explore Israel’s culinary scene. Time to stuff face!

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